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July - September 2019 events: I am currently taking summer 2019 orders on a first come, first serve basis. Want the robe for your wedding day? I will need a 2 week lead time to make it OR we can substitute an off the shelf robe from another company (must be made of natural fibers).

Fall/Winter 2019 events: I recommend reserving services at least 45 days before your event - this will also give us time to find that perfect robe in time for your event. If you anticipate buying your robe on Etsy, I recommend checking in with me 60-90 days in advance.

2020 events: I recommend placing a deposit 3-6 months in advance to secure a spot on the schedule and to ensure we find that “just right” robe.

Past events: Have dried flowers from a past event? Contact me anytime.



Review the collection options and contact Jenna to start the conversation jenna@holdandcherish.com

We will build the package that is right for you. I make certain items, but it is usually more cost effective to source “blank” natural fiber goods from companies like West Elm and MAIWA - where I know the available goods are ethically made. I source silk robes, chemises, and the like from a variety of companies. Silk robe prices range anywhere from $80 - $400+. I’ve even found robe+chemise sets for $80. I tend to stay in the $100-$280 range and select goods that are hand washable (or machine on cool water/delicate cycle, but I still recommend caring for your silk goods by hand).

Already doing your own search for a silk robe? A caution regarding the words “satin” and “silky”: I see a lot of companies advertising robes and chemises with these words but the fabric is actually polyester (a PET plastic) satin (a type of weave) which does not have the same characteristics as silk (hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, generally awesome) and is not a candidate for natural dyes. Be sure to read the details if you’re searching on Etsy - I’ve noticed some robes titled “silk” in the product tag, but the material description says polyester.

next steps


Once we’ve built your package, I’ll prepare an invoice for your deposit. Then:

  1. We talk base color and general aesthetics. Although printing with botanicals is a natural process with lots of beautiful surprises, we can control certain variables. Want your goods in a variety of colors? No problem. Natural dyes provide a rainbow of options for your base color. Want your table linen pattern to vary from your bed+boudoir pattern? I can arrange the leaves and petals in a variety of patterns and can also incorporate a more geometric pattern using shibori folding techniques. Just want a surprise? I can do that too!

  2. Enjoy your special occasion. Keep the florals in your home for 4-5 days after the event. Be sure to trim the stems and change the water every day :)

  3. Send me the arrangements you’d like to use. Shipping tips below.

The botanical contact printing process:

  1. Deep freeze the blooms and stems on arrival and prepare the goods (scour, mordant, cure 5-10 days).

  2. While your goods are curing, I run a test dye on a sample of silk and cotton.

  3. Once curing is complete, I dye the base color and shibori pattern, rest the fiber 2-5 days, and then get to work making the botanical contact prints (soak, pattern, bundle, steam, cool).

  4. After steam processing and cooling, I unroll the bundle and rest the goods for approx. 5-10 days, allowing the colors to settle, before doing a final steam set and finish wash.

  5. I send your lovely new goods on their way to you.

Deposit & Balance

To ensure high quality results, I limit the number of monthly orders. A non-refundable deposit of $350 reserves time for your goods on the studio schedule.

Deposits and gift certificates are deducted from the final order balance.

I begin working on your prints once I receive the flora and the balance is paid in full.

Because all of the prints are custom made, I do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. However, please do let me know if you have any concerns about the results.

refunds, returns, Exchanges

how long does it take

Once I receive the flowers and goods, it takes approximately 12-24 hours of hands-on time over a period of 4-6 weeks.

shipping fresh flowers & greenery

Trim the ends of stems and remove any slimy greens.

Line the bottom of a cardboard box with dry paper towels (don’t use newspaper - the ink tends to transfer). Add the florals with layers of dry paper towels between.

DO NOT freeze your florals or add any plastic (bags, bubble wrap, etc.). Plastic may cause mold and mildew.

2-3 day shipping is ok, but overnight shipping is recommended.

shipping dried flowers & greenery


Line the bottom of a cardboard box with dry paper towels (don’t use newspaper - the ink tends to transfer). Add the florals with layers of dry paper towels between.

DO NOT freeze your florals or add any plastic (bags, bubble wrap, etc.). Plastic may cause mold and mildew.

Use a 2-3 day shipping option.

white or very light flowers


These still work for prints! Most often, I’ve found that light or white flowers create a light cream print and their accompanying greenery (stem leaves and filler) print tan, yellow, chartreuse, and green markings. If you would like, I can use light petals (or any greenery) as stamps, so to speak. Using that technique, you will still have a print from the petals, but in a natural dye color of your choice.

natural fibers


Natural dyes work best with natural fibers. Check the natural fiber example lists below and feel free to contact me with questions.

When selecting your fabrics, please consider:

  1. Silk and wools tend to take natural dye and botanical prints in bolder shades. Linen and cotton tend to be a shade or so lighter. Texture also plays a role in the appearance of color.

  2. If you are vegan or similarly minded, you may want to stick with cellulose-based fibers.

  3. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester, do not work well with natural dyes, so I do not work with them.

natural Protein-based fiber examples

Sheep’s wool

natural Cellulose-based fiber examples

Bamboo (viscose)

Have a question?


I make my best effort to respond to messages sent during weekdays within 24 hours and within 48 hours to messages sent during weekends.