what are botanical prints?

I currently offer two types of prints:

Contact prints (starting at $285) made from petals and greenery on natural materials like silk, tencel, and cotton (silk robes and scarves are a customer favorite) - my process for creating prints that last requires 10-25 hours of hands on time over 3 - 6 weeks.

Cyanotype art prints (starting at $130) Flora and leaves have long been artfully documented using this photographic printing process. Your botanicals will be arranged on a special artists paper and, once exposed to light, a cyan colored “blueprint” appears. The resulting artwork has a lovely soft focus and striking blue tonal values.

How to order

I have a selection of robes, chemises, and scarves in stock or we can dye other items of your choosing. Check out the ala carte items for ideas.

Simply contact me with your questions and ideas to get started. I’ll be in touch within 2-3 business days to answer questions and gather a bit of information.

And then…

Enjoy your special occasion. Send me your florals 5-7 days later and I will create your one of a kind collection.


FAQ’s and Logistics
(timeframe, shipping,… that sort of thing)